CREATIVEBLOCH and Joe Bloch are proud to announce 'STICKY CITY.'  A multimedia experience, the project is inspired by many locations around NYC, and creates an alternate world, where every corner is a new adventure.  The project features hundreds of illustrations created on the iPad Pro.  

"I’ve been working on the STICKY CITY project for many years. It started when I brought my sketchbook and iPad around NYC, drawing various places and situations that I ran into. At the time I was just having fun, and didn't really have the idea of a graphic novel in mind. As I started to accumulate more and more sketches, I thought I should do something with them. I bought an iPad Pro a few summers ago and was blown away with what I could create. I was so happy with the results I was getting, I started to convert many of the sketches into new illustrations. I wanted to break out of the traditional comic book look, and incorporate more of my style as I could transfer it to a digital format. Instead of the heavy acrylic paint on canvas, I began using more and more lines to generate the emotions I wanted to convey. The bright colors of the screen inspired me to take the viewer into an alternate time and place, but still using some familiar places."

STICKY CITY takes places in a hybrid age, somewhere in the past, present and future. You might see old establishments along side lurid characters from another time. Bright colors are used to express and capture a mood that brings viewers into another dimension. STICKY CITY is really inspired by NYC, but may or may not be recognizable to its viewers. A few places stand out such as Coffee Shop in Union Square, or a dim sum place in Chinatown, but most locations have been altered enough to slightly confuse and delight. Elements from original locations are mixed and upcycled into a new bizarre experience that is familiar yet totally unexpected. Inspiration comes from many places such as Spinal Tap, Taxi Driver, Pink Floyd the Wall, early Iron Maiden artwork, and Quentin Tarantino movies. Throw in some comic books, video games, a ton of pop-culture references along with dreams/nightmares and that is STICKY CITY.



DOWNLOAD an exclusive digital PREVIEW of the STICKY CITY graphic novel by Joe Bloch. (9 page PDF)

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