LOCKED UP! New Exhibition by Joshua Smith in Taiwan

The work is based on a Locksmith shop in Kaohsiung in Taiwan created for a group exhibition with Arcade Art Gallery in Kaohsiung called When the Sun Goes Down opening on November 10 at Arcade Art Gallery, Jianjun Road/Shangyong, MRT Weiwuying exit 5.

Joshua Smith is a full time miniaturist who has been creating miniature sculptures of the Urban Environment. His work has been showcased at the VOLTA Art Fair in New York City, Urban Art Fair in Paris, San Francisco Art Fair as well as exhibitions in London, Berlin, Houston, Sydney and Melbourne. He has upcoming exhibitions in Taiwan and Palo Alto in California in January. 


Artist: Joshua Smith
Instagram: @Joshua_Smith_Street_ Artist
Website: www.iknowjoshuasmith.com

Photographer: Ben Neale
Instagram: @ben_neale