Artist Deconstructs Work to Create Dissected Masterpieces

Gilles BOENISCH is a PhD in Information Sciences & Communication, an artist, designer, and digital manufacturing expert. He lives and works in Europe (France).

What is the inspiration behind your work?

As children, we examine many objects at length. We wanted to know and learn by having role models that give the impression of knowing everything. Generally they evaded our questions, that it was too complex to understand. We finally took the initiative, and took everything apart, everything we had on hand, all that was around, without the assurance of being able to restore. This required time and attention. Then it was only a representation and fantasy that took shape. After long moments of deconstruction, we finally arrived at the desired object: the main mechanism. Then we quickly forgot, and we moved to the next object to seize passionately about these bits of knowledge.

Tell us about the technique you use and why it represents what you do.

My « Undo » technique, is a way to "rediscover the inside" by "anatomical" investigation. This dissection incorporates the idea of "demolishing, amputating , slicing, dismembering, disarticulating, reverse engineering, and scrutinizing." It is a taboo dissection that is prohibited because it reveals an "emptiness of the inside," a profanation of the device. This secret offers an interior that is not easily discovered by many. So we dismantle the whole, we move from one to the other, we redispatch in a new way. In doing so, defeat is just an opportunity to create an opportunity for dialogue.

Tell us your plans for the future.

I plan to keep searching the imagination of the public by making them laugh or smile. A break such a shock, too, which provokes laughter: the expected and sometimes unexpected detonation. The rise and fall. So this is a good game, "a playful strategy from an 'I' to an "Other" to produce an effect of collusion between its author and to whom it is directed, to suspend the moment of the game, the anxiety of fate of the world. Specifically, my work focuses on collaboration to transmit my knowledge and approach, but also a message against the current stereotypes.

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