Colorblind East Texas Artist Paints With "Unseen Colors"

We recently interviewed Artist Abe Cano about his amazing portraits and their creation. Abe is colorblind, but that doesn't stop him from creating colorful paintings.

"I can see about 3 to 4 basic colors, so I am not completely colorblind"

He was almost disqualified from joining the Army in 2001, because there were no available jobs for colorblind recruits. After some time, a position opened up in Radio communications- a job that most with this disability are able to apply for.

"I've had a lot of people look at my artwork and say; WOW I can't believe you're colorblind- and they always test me to see what colors I can and cannot see"

Despite this setback he has created hundreds of pieces- all of them rich with colors and a unique perspective on the world the way he sees it.

"I can show people my art and say this is really how I see the world- some call it impressionism, it's just how I see colors- luckily people seem to like it. I try to fit as much into one portrait as I can- about a person and their personal story."

Ultimately what led him to start painting people was that he liked the ability of being able to describe someone in colors, symbols and words.

"One of my teachers once told me you can't put words on art- and then I went to a huge modern art exhibit and everywhere I turned there were words on the art."

In the future Abe really wants to see his work lean towards more murals and large installations. 

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