Raising a Child in the City is War

We had the opportunity to interview artist Chad Martin about his recent work for our show Urban Ubiquity. 

"Chad so you created 2 interesting pieces, what is the inspiration for them?" 

Chad scratched his head, and with a big smile he said, "Well raising a child in the city is like war.   I always feel the need to protect my son and keep a lookout for unpredictable situations. The M1 Armored Bugaboo provides such protection. "

The painting has a humorous tone, but accurately displays what a parent might feel strolling around.  



I asked Chad about "Binky Grenade" and he said, well "this dual purpose product can provide both a calming and protective feature." This piece is fun, bold and graphic. Chad looks forward to collaborating with his son in the future on some artwork. Come see Chad's work at the Urban Ubiquity show.