In high school I decided to commit to drawing. I decided I would draw for a living. I started “studying” cartoons and anime and developed my own “style” pretty quickly, like a lot of highschoolers do. I started getting decent when I bought a crow-quil from Michael’s on a whim. Suddenly I was making these big, thick, “professional” (to me they looked professional) looking lines. It felt really cool, and when I got used to the nib I started working more, and I took the AP art course, which was pretty good at my school, and won a scholarship in the regional Scholastic. I really wanted to go to SVA. I glamourized New York; I had been on day-trips before. I’m a skyscraper junkie. I’ve got this fascination with large-scale architecture. So to see the Empire State and Chrysler buildings in person was like going to a concert or getting a celebrity’s autograph or something. So I really wanted to be in New York. I take inspiration from everyone, and I sort of mix and match. 

Usually I borrow from 20th century modernist painters. Every movement from back then was cool. The fauves to the cubists to the futurists of Italy, to De Stijl, and into Abstract Expressionism. I love it all. I’ve always been most at home with comics and cartoons though, so I tend to funnel these influences into sequential projects. The newest work, “What2Do”, is a series made for the web that I intend to explore for the next few years at least. I want to follow the example of a lot of contemporary experimental webcomics, and really embrace digital media to create an aesthetic impossible to replicate through traditional media.

Logan, J- Godzilla vs Gigan.jpg
Godzilla at Day.PNG