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Alejandro and I took a 2.5-hour drive up to Colchester Connecticut from NYC to visit Chris at his new “outdoor” studio.  Chris has been working in Bushwick for many years, but after a trip to Morocco, he decided to rethink his approach to his art.  His art from a few years ago was full of frenetic energy, representing the angst of working in a tight studio space in Brooklyn.  The trip has changed Chris in many ways to be more reflective and calm towards his creative output.

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"Working outdoors has really allowed me to relax and slow down. If I learned anything in Morocco, it’s that time is a beautiful medium. In a culture where things are slower, in part due to the extreme heat, I was able to learn to be okay with stillness and watching trees move or wind blow. This slower approach has allowed me to take time with my pieces and let them evolve naturally without an unnerving demand to produce, produce, produce." 
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Chris brought us into the farm house to show us his MEEREX CREW collection.  For us it was pure genius, a hybrid miniature fine art collection, carefully wrapped in plastic, with labeling, copyright notices and numbering as if ready for retail.  Chris mentioned it was influenced by the toy packaging he grew up with. Each piece is a unique original.  In the future Chris might document the hundreds of CREW pieces into a new book.